London escorts

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How I started off as a Masseuse and Ended up an Escort in London

Whoever said multi-tasking is for women probably had me in mind. Joggling up as a masseuse and an escort in London at the same time is what defined my life. At 19, I lost my parents and being the firstborn of three; it was a dead-end. In 2011, I was a fresh lady in college full of oomph and ready to concur. But what I didn’t know? Life had “plans” for me.

After my first semester in college, things turned from good to worse. Here I was with my little sister and brother without anyone to look up to, no food, no clothing, but at least a shelter over our head. One of the excellent morning hours after my first lecture, a friend, Clarion, approached me and asked how things were at home, and I shared the ordeal I was going through. After a little chart, she informed me of this site (craigslist), where I could get something to do at least after classes. On my way home, I dashed into a cyber café to check if I could get an opportunity, and voila! This new studio in town was looking for fresh ladies interested in massage, a good thing; there was no experience required. I saw this as an opportunity which I couldn’t miss on. I quickly applied, and after two days, I was called for an interview and orientation on what the job entailed.

I worked there for a month, offering good massage to our clients. It was a tricky job, being young and virgin. The job was tempting and inviting at the same time. All this time, I didn’t dare touch any man’s genitals. Being a petite and kinky lady, most of my clients kept on coming back. I bet I offered a good service. In my second month, I needed to double my effort to get extra bucks that would cater to my needs. During this time, I figured out that giving a hand job would typically offer me more tips and pay than before. Therefore, I popped this off, and all gentlemen that my hand worked on their genitals appreciated the excellent hand job with handsome pay.

It was NUTs working at that studio. The need for more money took over my soul. I was hungry for more each day. I became famous, and my boss liked me since I was bringing more money to her. I didn’t know what started as a hand job would turn out to a fascinating opportunity. Over this time, my confidence in handling men grew, and I knew it was time to advance.

Mercy, a girl we had worked with for a while, suggested that it would be more prudent for us to register with one of the local escort London agencies within the area. An inviting opportunity that I never thought twice about. However, I was skeptical, although I’m petite, I’m busty too. We quickly registered with the escorts agency, and our ads were up. Close to 5-6 hours, I got a match. A pretty tall and handsome guy checkmate me, and we set up a meeting over dinner time.

I arrived early enough to settle my nerves. I had imagined all sorts of things, what if he chokes me to death, what if my siblings found out what I was doing to put food on the table? What would my college friends say about me? There were a lot of what-ifs.

After 5 minutes, my guy walked in. He was tall, handsome, and had this charming smile. We quickly ordered a fine wine, and after exchanging some pleasantries, it was time to get down to business. He was a real gentleman. He took off my top, unhooked my bra, and I reciprocated the same.

While doing this, he sensed I was nervous, and he assured me he would be gentle. The touch, the smooching turned my blood into a boilerplate, and I was gasping for air all this time. The foreplay and gentle strokes I received were not ordinary. After 3 hours of good service, he cleaned up. Deep down my body, it was all joy and pleasure, I yearned for more throbbing, but it wasn’t possible; he handed me $2000 and walked through the door with a promise to see me some other time. I was in awe! And that was my first encounter as an escort.