Top 5 Steaming Sex Positions with London Escorts

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Although traditional notions around masculinity (unfairly) tend to assume that all men want to be dominant in bed, the searches behind “The sex positions men really want” are more varied than you may think. Well, no one understands your desires as a man better than London escorts, and they stop at nothing less than ensuring you’ve gotten it all.

Upside-down, on an airplane, on the couch, from behind, gently, roughly… and the list goes on. Whatever your sexual fantasy might be, the girl(s) you choose from our London agency will definitely make it a reality and help you figure out sex positions that feel good for you.

Here is a list of amazing sex positions that you should try out:

Sizzling missionary

Let go of those innocent times and the old memories of when somewhat rhythmic up and down was what you knew about sex. You can create a novel experience of a classic missionary. In place of putting her legs wide apart, have her legs straddle your body, allowing for mutual genital touching. This position works great because it is not dependent on the penis size, but the connection you have with your London escort.

The Peace Out

We all love a good licking. The peace out position allows for maximum climax by both penetration and licking. To begin, your London Escort will sit in a chair. With her legs apart, put two fingers on either side of her clitoris, scissoring your fingers together while gently licking or sucking the tip of her clit. This enables maximum stimulation to the clitoris, both the sides and the head at the same time. In as much as you’re enjoying yourself, this will open her world of pleasure, just for you!

The ‘69’ sexual position

People who love 69 must have mastered the art of complicated sex positions. It’s a great position to get naughty, up close and personal. If you love the thought of receiving a mind-blowing blowjob while you lick her pussy, then welcome to my world! Your escort in Central London has mastered all the aspects of 69– handjob, oral sex, and wild dominating moves—and won’t shy to show her prowess to you. With this position being the sexiest and wildest way of giving a blowjob and oral sex to your woman, it’s more exciting than the usual way of giving oral.

Doggy Style

Want deeper penetration? Then let your escort get on all fours, then kneel behind her with your upper body straight up or slightly draped over her. She’ll definitely love this position as it easily stimulates the G- spot, and you’ll absolutely love the control and the view from behind. To spice things up, she may bring in toys or ask you to stimulate her clitoris with one hand as you lean forward.


If you want to act a little silly and playful, this position will allow you to explore your naughty side. When your London Escort gets on all fours, pick her up by the pelvis as she grips your waist with her thighs. Her hands support half of her weight, giving you a clear view of her assets. The deeper penetrations will allow you to reach the G and A spots that are normally not easily reachable with other positions. Typically, this position is a double sword that gives excellent arm workout exercise besides sexual satisfaction.